Key Sentences for Dictation

K201 Key Sentences




  1. 한복을 입은 분은 제 할머니세요.

The person in a Korean dress is my grandmother.

  1. 모자를 쓴 사람은 내 남동생이에요.

The person who is wearing a hat is my younger brother.

  1. 내년에 한국어를 가르치실 선생님은 매시 선생님이세요.

The teacher who is going to teach Korean next year is Massey sonsengnim.

  1. 마실 것 좀 주세요.

Please give me something to drink.

  1. 요즘 입을 옷이 없어요.

I have nothing to wear these days.

Quizlet Lesson 1:




1.날씨가 많이 시원해졌지요? The weather has become a lot cooler, hasn’t it?

2. 벌써 여름이 끝나고 시원해졌어요. Summer is already over and it has become cooler.

3. 기분이 좋아졌어요. I feel better.

4.비가 온 다음에는 날씨가 추워지잖아요. You know, after it rains, the weather becomes cold.



  1. 따뜻하던 날씨가 어젯밤부터 갑자기 추워졌네요.The weather, which used to be warm, suddenly became cold last night.

2. 이 곳은 내가 작년에 자주 가던 식당이에요. This is the restaurant I used to go to a lot last year.

3. 소녀시대는 내가 좋아했던 그룹이에요. Girl’s Generation used to be my favorite idol group.




1.수업에 간 후에 점심을 먹었어요. After class, I ate lunch.

2.수영하고 나서 친구를 만나러 커피숍에 갔어요.

After swimming, I went to the coffee shop to meet my friend.

3.잠자기 전에 저는 기도해요. Before going to bed, I pray.


L- 5


1.한국어를 배우려고 한국에 갔어요.

I went to Korea to learn Korean.

2.수업에 늦지 않으려고 일찍 일어났어요.

I woke up early in order to not be late for the class.

3. 친구를 만나려고 캠퍼스 센터에 가요.

In order to meet my friends, I am going to the Campus Center.



  1. 한국어 배우기가 쉬워요? Is it easy to learn Korean?

2. 그 사람이 너무 바빠서 그 사람을 만나기가 아주 어려워요. Since the person is too busy, it’s so hard to meet him.

3. 한국에서는 유행이 달라서 옷 입기가 참 어려워요. Because fashion is different in Korea, wearing the right clothes is hard.




1.구경 좀 해도 돼요? Can I look around a little bit?

2. 저희 파티에 일찍 오셔도 괜찮아요. You may come earlier to our party.

3. 수업에 늦으면 안 돼요. You must not be late for the class.



  1. 이 색 말고 까만색 없어요? Rather than this color, do you have this in black?
  2. 비빔밥 먹지 말고 불고기 먹어요. Don’t eat Bibimbap, but instead have Bulgogi.
  3. 커피를 마시지 말고 차를 마셔요. Do not drink coffee, but drink tea.



  1. 빨간색이 더 잘 어울리는 것 같아요. I think the color red looks better on you.
  2. 이건 고양이 같아요. This looks like a cat.
  3. 언니가 오늘 바쁜 것 같아요. My sister seems to be busy today.




1.빨간색으로 주세요. Please give me the red one.

2.저는 학교에 버스로 가요. I go to school by bus.

3.오른쪽으로 가세요. Please go to the right.





1.저는 한국에 가 본 적이 없어요. I have never been to Korea.

2.실수한 적이 여러 번 있어요. I have made several mistakes.

3.고양이를 좋아한 적이 없어요. I’ve never liked cats.




1.한국어를 좀 더 잘했으면 좋겠다. I wish I could speak Korean better.

2.건강했으면 좋겠다. I wish I was healthy.

3.빨리 집에 가면 좋겠다. I wish I could go home quickly.




1.건강해 지려면 운동하세요. You should play sports to be healthy.

2.잠을 잘 자려면 커피를 마시지 마세요. If you want to go to sleep, do not drink coffee.

3.수업에 늦지 않으려면 일찍 자세요. If you don’t want to be late for class, go to sleep early.




1.친구하고 이야기하느라고 잠을 못 잤어요. I could not sleep because I was talking with my friend.

2.텔레비전을 늦게까지 보느라고 숙제를 못 했어요. I could not finish the homework because I was watching TV until late at night.

3. 샤워하느라고 전화를 못 받았어요. I could not pick up the phone because I was taking a shower.



1. 버스에서 내리다가 넘어졌어요. I fell down getting off the bus.

2.청소를 하다가 꽃병을 깼어요.  I broke a vase while cleaning up.

3.운전을 너무 빨리하다가 교통사고를 냈어요. I was driving too fast, so I got into a car accident.




  1. 어느 한국 식당이 좋은 지 알아요? Do you know which Korean restaurant is good?
  2.  내가 어제 어디에 갔었는지 알아요? Do you know where I went yesterday?
  3.  여기가 어디인지 알아요? Do you know where we are?


L- 17


1. 어제 그 사람을 만났으면 좋았을 텐데 못 만나서 섭섭하다. I wish I had met that person yesterday, and am disappointed that I didn’t.

2.운동을 많이 했었으면 지금 더 건강할 텐데. I would’ve been healthier if I had exercised more.

3.시간이 좀 더 있었으면 그 파티에 갔었을 텐데 참 아쉽다. I would have gone to the party if I had had more time. It is a shame.




1.겨울방학에 여행을 할까 생각 중이다. (I am thinking about taking a trip during winter break.)

2.오늘 저녁에 한국 음식을 먹을까 한다. (I am thinking about having Korean food for dinner.)

3.다음 학기에 한국으로 유학을 갈까 한다. (I am thinking about going to Korea next semester to study abroad.) 


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